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Stainless steel bearings

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Custom made stainless steel sprockets and discs

3,745 references manufactured in France !

Quality: 304 L stainless steel, turning and boring quality 7. ISO 9001 and En 9100

Shipping time: 2 weeks, and even 5 days in case of emergency

Price: immediately available on again, a comparison is necessary !

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Transmission roller chains

Promotional prices until 31 May 2021

3165 ml of stainless steel chains available on stock

Quality : 304 L stainless steel

Shipping time: same day until 7pm! (depending on availability)

Price: chain cuts offered until 31 May 2021

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Same day shipping
for confirmed orders until 7pm.
Open end belt welding and sleeve cutting
Cutting and riveting of chains
Cutting linear guide rails to length
Re-machining of sprockets and toothed bars
Manufacture of sprockets, discs and gears to 2.50 metre diameter to a precision of one tenth of a micron.
CCPU quality file on request, grouping of batches for large-scale export.

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