Our business

Our expertise, our storage capacity, our presence on the field and the professionalism of our teams guarantee you the efficiency of a local service. Our French and foreign partners bring us their technical and logistical know-how to guarantee a global or personalised offer according to your expectations.

In an extremely dynamic and innovative market context, we respond to your search for solutions with 2 major tools providing a global response to your request.

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Type of requests

Standard request

60,000 references are immediately available on France's largest logistics platform for mechanical transmission components

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Specific request

5 workshops are grouped together in a factory that manufactures or adapts components according to your plans: machining of gears, pulleys, pinions.

  • Grinding of bearings
  • Cutting and gluing of belts
  • Cutting of linear guide rails
  • Cutting and riveting of standard chains or chains with lugs

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Our advantages

Custom made manufacturing

Unique in France
This program specially developed by our IT team allows you to instantly calculate the price of your machining, and to order it with just one more click! Thanks to this module, you can respond to your customer without delay: an often decisive competitive advantage.

Continuous improvement and quality

Our pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement is based on a deep conviction: we contribute together to the success of the company. It is through the combination of our know-how, the professionalism of our teams and the vision of our managers that we gain the confidence to set ambitious goals, share our ideas, seize opportunities for innovation and adhere to them.