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Accessories worm gear reducer

Accessoire de réducteur roue et vis

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Shaft mounted speed reducer

Réducteur pendulaire de marque Fenner

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Accessories for Fenner speed reducers

Accessoires de réducteur de marque Fenner

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A mechanical gearbox is a mechanical transmission device connecting a motor to a driven load. It allows to modify the torque and speed between a motor and a load. The gearbox assembly consists of one or more gear pairs. It is the reduction ratio (the ratio of the number of teeth between the input and output shafts) that defines the gear ratio.

FAQ - Gearbox

What are the different types of gearboxe

• Shaft-mounted gear reducer
These gearboxes are designed for conveyor belt applications and guarantee maximum performance.

• Worm gear reducers
High performance augers using a drum-shaped toroidal auger provide high transfer capacity and efficiency

• Coaxial gearboxes
These devices are all suitable for applications with medium torque constraints, and fit very well on all types of asynchronous motors.

Gearboxes Benefits Disadvantages
Pendulaires • Uncompromising efficiency
• High level of modularity
• Robustness and reliability
• Suitable for heavy loads
The quality of these products varies significantly depending on the range and brand.
Roue et vis • Very good quality/price ratio
• Low noise
• Possible combination
• Low vibration
Warm up to watch
Coaxial • High torque density
• Progressive meshing
• Low energy consumption
Like all devices of this type, this product requires careful installation.
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What factors should be taken into account when choosing a gearbox?

Before purchasing a gearbox, it is important that you consider several factors :

• Type of gearbox assembly
• The dimensions of the gearbox
• The torque of your engine
• The expected reduction ratio, depending on the speed of your engine.

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Please note

What is a geared motor?
The geared motor is a device composed of a single-phase or three-phase electric motor and a gearbox. The principle of this one is to reduce the output speed thanks to a pinion system, while increasing the torque.