Three-phase motors

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Three-phase asynchronous motors

Moteur asynchrone triphasé

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•The three-phase asynchronous motor represent more than 80% of the electric motor fleet. They are used to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy through electromagnetic phenomena and electromagnetic phenomena and are used to power large machines in the industrial sector.

Alternating current motors are usually supplied by a three-phase current source for high power applications. For low and medium power applications (up to a few kilowatts), the standard single-phase grid is sufficient.

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How does a three-phase electric motor work?

Like any electric motor, the asynchronous motor transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy. The operation of the three-phase asynchronous motor is based on the creation of an electric current induced in a conductor placed in a rotating magnetic field.

The three-phase asynchronous motor consists of two main parts: the stator and the rotor

The stator, usually consisting of three coils, is supplied with three-phase alternating voltage. The asynchronous motor is therefore an alternating current motor. It uses a rotating magnetic field produced by alternating voltages. The rotating field induces currents in the rotor. This causes it to rotate, with a frequency slightly lower than that of the rotating field.

What allows the rotor to turn is the principle of rotating magnetic fields produced by alternating voltages.

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Are there any differences between three-phase motors?

In general, motors differ in their power supply, but not only. Indeed, each motor has a different power, speed of rotation or fixation. This is why it is very important to define your mechanical energy needs and choose the right motor.

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For low and medium power applications (up to a few kilowatts), the standard single-phase network is sufficient.
For high power applications, AC motors are generally used. The most frequently used system is the three-phase system (phases offset by 120°) used by electricity distributors.