This type of bearing comprises tapered rollers guided by the shoulders of the inner ring. Tapered roller bearings can support both radial and axial loads in one direction. A second bearing is usually mounted in opposition to the first to guide the shaft and to take up axial forces in the other direction. These bearings have separable rings, since the cone and cup can be mounted separately. Various types of tapered roller bearings are also supplied matched in X arrangement with a defined axial clearance.

Inner slack:
The internal clearance of tapered roller bearings is fixed when the bearings are mounted. For X-bearings, the radial clearance is determined by the spacer mounted between the two cups.

Cages :
Tapered roller bearings have a pressed steel cage. It may protrude slightly from the side faces of the bearing.

Permissible misalignments :
Misalignments are of the order of 3 minutes under high load.

Usual suffixes (in reading order) :
Contact angle : none : standard, 15° à 17° / C : medium, 17° à 24° / D : large, 24° and above;
Interchangeability : J : pit angle and track diameter in accordance with ISO 355; / X : 32000 and 32900 series, dimensions according to ISO 355;
Brand : C : CMW / N : NSK / E : NKE.

Code Brand Price Stock
Int. diam. mm (d)Ext. diam. mm(D)Width in mm(l)SealingRadial backlashSpecificityDynamic load (C), kNStatic load (C0), kNmax. speed (grease), tr/minMax speed (Oil), tr/min
 302/28N0Produit disponibleProduit disponible 0000
CMW  30303JC000 0000
NSK  30202N00Produit disponible015035011.75111014.813,2110001500013
NSK  30302JN0Produit disponibleProduit disponible015042014.25131123.621,1100001300021
 30302JRY000015042014,25ouvertNormal 0000
 30302JY000015042014,25ouvertNormal 0000
NSK  30203JN0Produit disponibleProduit disponible017035013.25121120.119,9100001300019
 30203JRY000017040013,25ouvertNormal 0000
NSK  30303JN0Produit disponibleProduit disponible017047015.25141229.226,790001200026
 30303Y0Produit disponible0017047015,25ouvertNormal 0000